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Andrew Clark, Park Farm Butchers, Hawkhurst, Kent, Farm Shop, Online Shop

Park Farm is a low intensity pasture farm rearing cattle and sheep for a discerning butchery outlet in the village of Hawkhurst. Attention to detail and quality is at the centre of our ethos to produce and sell the very best. We rear Sussex cattle and Romney sheep that are indigenous to the area on traditional pastures. Our methods are environmentally-sensitive, with low food miles, whilst working in harmony with the countryside. The aim is to create the best flavours from the diverse grasses available to us whilst rearing stock that thrives within the environment that it lives.

We have been involved in countryside stewardship here for the last 20 years, enhancing our hedgerows and pastures. Some of the ground is specifically managed to create wildflower meadows using a mixture of cutting for hay and grazing livestock to achieve this. The results have been quite astonishing and the diversity of wildlife, bird life and insects that have benefited from this is inspiring. The other parts of the farm are managed to create rich meadows to finish stock and create flavoursome meat. The idea is to farm “in harmony with the countryside”. Hedgerows and shaws are managed to create wildlife corridors and habitats.

Park Farm Butchers, Hawkhurst, Kent, Farm Shop, Online Shop
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